We all love a good gangster movie; the curling smoke from cigarettes, the narrowed eyes of the players, the slow violin music in the background as they play Casino. It’s always best to watch these movies from the safe and comfy seat on the sofa. Here’s some of the best movies out there if you want to get your gambling fix without moving a limb.

Casino Royale

this is one you will have heard of. The movie was released in 2006 and was based on the first book Ian Fleming wrote about the 007 agent. Starring the enigmatic Daniel Craig with his sharp features and piercing eyes, the film is based on a tense game between the funder of terrorist organisations and James Bond. Bond has to play it cool, and uses his training, initiative and cunning to bankrupt Le Chiffre during a deadly game of poker. Montenegro, where the crux of the film takes place, is also home to some spectacular casinos if you’ve ever fancied visiting. Do you like to be good at online casino gambling? This website is for you! Check it now!


The CinncinnatiKid 

released in 1968, this film takes us back to gambling in the age of the Great Depression. Originally a book by Richard Jessup, the film tells the story of a young man, desperate to prove himself as a great poker player, and ends up in a battle with ‘the best’ poker player out there. Filled with coercing, blackmail and the thrills and chills of jealousy, greed and ambition, it has earned itself a spot on this list.

2 guys gambling

High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story

just as it sounds, this film takes on an autobiographical spin and is based on the story of Stu Ungar. Ungar enjoyed some whopping successes in his lifetime and is known as the only person ever to win three WSOP Main Event tournaments. However, this is a story about humanity and the film movingly portrays Ungar’s crippling losses alongside his magnificent wins. If you’re after something gritty, entertaining and meaningful, this is one of the best gambling films to look out for.

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released in 2003, this film is set during the Great Depression and is the story of a a horse who defied expectations and went on to become a real winner. It doesn’t deal with the traditional idea of gambling (no poker games involved) but is another true story based on real events and it addresses the theme of sports betting. After finding a useless and unloved horse, three men each with their own stories, come together to train and race the horse, Seabiscuit.



it is impossible to mention the best films about gambling and not talk about this one; it seems a travesty not to mention this whopper of a film. Set in Vegas, this film is all about the gambling. Expect to find plenty of trickery, violence and the mob in this 1995 film. It not only is it directed by Martin Scorsese, it also stars some big names such as Robert Di Niro and Sharon Stone.