Dance Music 101: Trance

Trance is a type of dance music genre which was developed in Germany, specifically the Danke Deutschland during the 1990s. It is considered as one of the most encompassing music genres of the various types of genres in the music industry. This is because trance music may include the elements of other music styles in the Electronic Dance Music genre which may include the likes of pop, classical music, house and techno. The term “trance” is defined as “a state of being high or a state of euphoria”. This is deemed true as trance music brings a state of emotional rush for the people who listen to it and provides an uplifting of their mood to a certain extent.

One of the most unique features that trance music has is that it seems to break the orchestrations between the silent periods where the one listening can take his or her time and then once that happens, the fading of the trance rhythms starts overwhelming the listener again. These periods may last from a few seconds and even up to a few minutes. There are many divisions of trance music. Here are the different variants of the trance music genre.

Acid Trance

The Roland TB-303 is the key factor in producing the acid sounds in acid trance. This type of trance music was shown in Belgium at the Antwerp Rave 24. It is even said that acid trance can stand on its own as a genre of the electronic dance music. The most well known artists in the acid trance genre are Hardfloor, Union Jack and Nostrum.

Dark Trance

The dark trance music genre can be described as a combination or a blend of psychedelic, goa and techno music genres in one with an incredibly fast tempo of 150 beats per minutes and can even go up to as much as 190 beats per minute without any difficulty at all.

Dream Trance

It was said that dream trance music has placed its influence on house music. Dream trance music originated in Italy wherein the instruments utilized in this music genre are Sequencers, Synth, Piano, the Sampler and Keyboard. Prominent artists who incorporated the dream trance music in their style are the likes of Zhi-Vago, Imperio, Infected Mushroom and Hans Zimmer.



Electrance emergence when the modern trance music is blended together with electro house. This has been prominent since the house music genre and the trance music genre combine together which seemingly sends those who listen to another world. This brings an unexplained high to the listeners as they keep listening to electrance.

Goa Trance

It was during the 1980s when the Goa trance came from Goa since the hippie community was dominant in that part of India. It was said that Goa trance was akin to that of having recreational drugs. Goa trance was influenced by the EBM groups and it later developed with other connecting practices like yoga and trying it out on bringing out transcendence since the original purpose of this type of music was to help achieve the goal of assisting in shamanistic rituals. Discover more