5 Best Movies About Gambling

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5 Best Movies About Gambling

We all love a good gangster movie; the curling smoke from cigarettes, the narrowed eyes of the players, the slow violin music in the background as they play Casino. On the topic of casino you can find a range of reviews for the best online casino sites over at Spinathon. It’s always best to watch these movies from the safe and comfy seat on the sofa. Here’s some of the best movies out there if you want to get your gambling fix without moving a limb.

Casino Royale

this is one you will have heard of. The movie was released in 2006 and was based on the first book Ian Fleming wrote about the 007 agent. Starring the enigmatic Daniel Craig with his sharp features and piercing eyes, the film is based on a tense game between the funder of terrorist organisations and James Bond. Bond has to play it cool, and uses his training, initiative and cunning to bankrupt Le Chiffre during a deadly game of poker. You can learn more here about playing online casino and poker at top-rated sites around the world. Montenegro, where the crux of the film takes place, is also home to some spectacular casinos if you’ve ever fancied visiting.


The CinncinnatiKid 

released in 1968, this film takes us back to gambling in the age of the Great Depression. Originally a book by Richard Jessup, the film tells the story of a young man, desperate to prove himself as a great poker player, and ends up in a battle with ‘the best’ poker player out there. Filled with coercing, blackmail and the thrills and chills of jealousy, greed and ambition, it has earned itself a spot on this list.

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High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story

just as it sounds, this film takes on an autobiographical spin and is based on the story of Stu Ungar. Ungar enjoyed some whopping successes in his lifetime and is known as the only person ever to win three WSOP Main Event tournaments. However, this is a story about humanity and the film movingly portrays Ungar’s crippling losses alongside his magnificent wins. If you’re after something gritty, entertaining and meaningful, this is one of the best gambling films to look out for.

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released in 2003, this film is set during the Great Depression and is the story of a a horse who defied expectations and went on to become a real winner. It doesn’t deal with the traditional idea of gambling (no poker games involved) but is another true story based on real events and it addresses the theme of sports betting. After finding a useless and unloved horse, three men each with their own stories, come together to train and race the horse, Seabiscuit.



it is impossible to mention the best films about gambling and not talk about this one; it seems a travesty not to mention this whopper of a film. Set in Vegas, this film is all about the gambling. Expect to find plenty of trickery, violence and the mob in this 1995 film. It not only is it directed by Martin Scorsese, it also stars some big names such as Robert Di Niro and Sharon Stone.…

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Open Source Software for Your Baby Business

Open Source Software for Your Baby Business

Let’s face it. We all want the best and only the best for our child. Looking for the best baby products for our little youngster is important as these help in keeping him or her clean, safe and healthy. Some of these products even help in their physical, mental and emotional development as they grow.

With the advent of technology nowadays, there are a lot of innovative ways in which we can search and compare baby products that we come across. But it’s also a fact that this technology has become a booming business, leading to the commercialization of almost every software or program we come across. Now how can you find the best baby products for your child if this happens? Open source software has that answer for you.

What is Open Source Software?

Open source software promotes independence and freedom to software developers and programmers by giving them the opportunity to study, modify, change and distribute their own software derived from this one, retaining all the rights and for any purpose they deem to be necessary. Good examples of software developed from open source software are Mozilla Firefox, Wikipedia and the mobile OS, Android.


What are the Advantages of Open Source?

If you’re planning on building software that’s centered on baby products, utilizing open source software might be a wise choice. There are a variety of products that you need to go through and it’s another issue when you compare them in terms of quality, pricing, composition and other details. What are the advantages of using open source software when it comes to finding and comparing the different baby products?

● The biggest advantage the open source has over commercially produced software is that it comes free. Even in statistical terms, several businesses save a lot of money when they utilize open source software. Nowadays, you can obtain an open source version of almost every paid software system that you see.

● Innovation is another strength that open source has. Because it allows freedom for the developers to hone and improve it, there’s a lot of room for its continued evolution. For example, if you’re looking for the top baby monitor, you’re only presented with a list that contains the most popular baby monitor or the most discussed. As the software develops, you can eventually see the different qualities of each baby monitor and the feedback coming from customers.

● Some errors and flaws are always to be expected in software. In open source, users weed out the problems by giving their own feedback upon experiencing it. Not only that, they can also give their opinions on how to make things better. For example, if you’re looking for an umbrella stroller for your baby, you’re only presented with positive and negative reviews. With later developments, you can see an interactive chart to find the best umbrella stroller that lets you look at the bigger picture.

● There are several varieties of baby products in the market. If you’re starting a business that would like to specialize on one particular baby product, you can modify the open source software that suits the needs of your business. Whether your business deals with baby strollers, baby utensils or clothes, you can adjust the open source software freely.

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Dance Music 101: Trance

Dance Music 101: Trance

Trance is a type of dance music genre which was developed in Germany, specifically the Danke Deutschland during the 1990s. It is considered as one of the most encompassing music genres of the various types of genres in the music industry. This is because trance music may include the elements of other music styles in the Electronic Dance Music genre which may include the likes of pop, classical music, house and techno. The term “trance” is defined as “a state of being high or a state of euphoria”. This is deemed true as trance music brings a state of emotional rush for the people who listen to it and provides an uplifting of their mood to a certain extent.

One of the most unique features that trance music has is that it seems to break the orchestrations between the silent periods where the one listening can take his or her time and then once that happens, the fading of the trance rhythms starts overwhelming the listener again. These periods may last from a few seconds and even up to a few minutes. There are many divisions of trance music. Here are the different variants of the trance music genre.

Acid Trance

The Roland TB-303 is the key factor in producing the acid sounds in acid trance. This type of trance music was shown in Belgium at the Antwerp Rave 24. It is even said that acid trance can stand on its own as a genre of the electronic dance music. The most well known artists in the acid trance genre are Hardfloor, Union Jack and Nostrum.

Dark Trance

The dark trance music genre can be described as a combination or a blend of psychedelic, goa and techno music genres in one with an incredibly fast tempo of 150 beats per minutes and can even go up to as much as 190 beats per minute without any difficulty at all.

Dream Trance

It was said that dream trance music has placed its influence on house music. Dream trance music originated in Italy wherein the instruments utilized in this music genre are Sequencers, Synth, Piano, the Sampler and Keyboard. Prominent artists who incorporated the dream trance music in their style are the likes of Zhi-Vago, Imperio, Infected Mushroom and Hans Zimmer.



Electrance emergence when the modern trance music is blended together with electro house. This has been prominent since the house music genre and the trance music genre combine together which seemingly sends those who listen to another world. This brings an unexplained high to the listeners as they keep listening to electrance.

Goa Trance

It was during the 1980s when the Goa trance came from Goa since the hippie community was dominant in that part of India. It was said that Goa trance was akin to that of having recreational drugs. Goa trance was influenced by the EBM groups and it later developed with other connecting practices like yoga and trying it out on bringing out transcendence since the original purpose of this type of music was to help achieve the goal of assisting in shamanistic rituals. Discover more……

Baltimore 15 Jun

An Inexpensive and Fun Vacation in Baltimore

Being the largest city in the state of Maryland, Baltimore is both a historical and beautiful city that has a lot of attractions to see and experience. Containing several districts within the city, Baltimore is known as “a city of neighborhoods” and bears a nickname of “Charm City”. With well-known figures like Edgar Allan Poe, James Blake and H.L. Mencken, the city holds a great historical value, not only in the United States, but also around the world.

If you’re planning on taking a vacation here in Baltimore, there are a lot of ways to spend your time and have fun. However, not everything has to cost a lot of money. You can certainly have fun and enjoy your vacation with inexpensive ways. Here are some things to do in Baltimore that’s both economical and fun.


Appreciate the artistic blend of Baltimore

If you are more of the sophisticated and artistic type, you can enjoy the wonders of Baltimore’s artwork. There are thousands of artistic pieces found in the art museums of the city. What’s even better is that some of these museums can come with free admission. The Walter’s Art Museum has a free general admission except for its special exhibits. You can also enjoy yourself at the American Visionary Art Museum with its fascinating line of sculptures and wildflower garden.

Experience history firsthand and relax

If you fancy the spooky stuff, you can visit the grave of Edgar Allan Poe which is located in the middle of the city of Baltimore. It’s a serene and relaxing place to go and you can take time to appreciate the marks of history that this place brings.

Antiquity at its best

If you’re into 17th century Chinese works, then going to the Antique Row is going to be quite a pleasant experience for you. The store offers beautiful and delicate lamps and light fixtures of various intricate designs, usually in the shape of flowers. What makes this place unique are the windows found on the promenade that contains some bizarre, little bits of history.

Baltimore is a fascinating place. If you’re planning to have vacation here, there are a lot of things to do in Baltimore to have some fun but without spending too much money. It’s a fun place for both relaxation and leisure.Click here for more..…

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Most Affordable Sports Car 2017

Want to Boost the Adrenaline in your System?

Over the years, adventure sports have gained a lot of audiences and the major reason for adults going for it is for the adrenaline rush that it provides. But, most of them required some kind of training for the same. On the other hand, car racing is an activity which involves high risk and satisfies the thirst of adventure without getting special training.

Another major advantage being it can opt any day. A pre-requisite for practicing car racing is a “Sports Car”.

Undoubtedly, Speed is the major factor in selecting a sports car but the below listed are equally important:

Performance: Sports car are specifically designed to perform with high speed. This Can be achieved with better engine capacity, power, and torque. It’s recommended checking the reviews for the same. Read more

Assurance: With high speed, there is a high-risk factor involved. The necessity to have better security is essential. Sports car usually have a low center of gravity which helps to maintain the balance during sharp turns. Common security feature available is anti-lock brakes, airbags, electronic stability systems.

Additional Convenience: Features like rain-sensing windscreen wipers that adjust to the speed and start automatically; keyless ignition system is very useful since it saves the time for the racer. Thus, checking the additional features offered by the model helps in many ways. (Click here for online slot gaming)

The best sports car is manufactured by Porsche and Ferrari but they dig a big role in pockets at the same time. If you are not looking for high-end models; below are few price worthy cars:

Mazda MX-5: Mazda MX-5 has its presence from 1989 but with each year, its engine is boosted with more power. The open roof is one of the eye-catching features of this car. With the horsepower of 155 and weight of 2400 pounds; the racer can attain a great speed with amazing controls and significant balance maintained on the road.

Ford Mustang: Winner of many hearts from 1964 and is the most affordable sports car 2017; this car has consistently fulfilled the needs of the racer. There are 3 models available with the best version giving horsepower of 526 with the 5.2L V8 engine.

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Online Slot Gaming Industry Making New Strides in Technology 15 Mar

Online Slot Gaming Industry Making New Strides in Technology

Graphics so Clear you might Question What’s the Real, Real Life

For around a decade now, the online gaming medium has become one of the most popular and financially sufficient industries in the world today. You might wonder how this is possible, after all, most consider the hobby to be simply that, just a hobby that can occupy around 20 minutes of ones time on average. The actual reason behind the success of this industry comes down to their ability to adapt to whatever is required from them in a present-day setting. Technology has arguably had the most important role to play here more so than any other reasoning for the industries continued success.

[Most Affordable Sports Car 2017]

In the early days of the industry, people would flock to these types of slots based on their rather fun, arcade-like gameplay that would serve as the perfect hobby to break the silence of ones own social time. These ancestor slots were played with a variety of different fruit and symbols that have since become iconic, and are even used in certain modern-day slots that pay homage to their forefathers in the only way they know how. Nowadays slots are presented with an air of professionalism; slots that feature multiple different features that would have been thought of as crazy only a few years ago, but are now seen as nothing but common practice.

Big name developers such asNetEnt and Microgaming have previously gone on record, stating that the most important part of their products and brand ethos stems from their ability to update their games with the times. Both developers have hundreds, if not thousands of players experiencing their games on the daily, want to hazard a guess as to which games people are playing? If you guessed the most up to date games then you would be correct. Most of these games that are released today are only popular due to their ability to experiment with their already popular gameplay. Technological advancements in game engines has made reinventing the wheel not only possible, but highly encouraged if developers want to make their titles an instant success. You need only visit a website such as Wizard Slots to see this in practice.

In the future one might find that we are using internet currency such as bitcoin as the online betting wages for these types of games. Online casino sites use game developers. They are very good at ushering in a rather lenient mentality, meaning if it was to make them more money, then they would no doubt do it in an instant. Money talks in this industry and they certainly don’t want to just leave it laying on the table. You have to keep in mind that at the back of these developers minds is the same statement, the statement being ’are people going to like this and then spend money on it’. Without the consumer these guys would not be making as much money as they do presently. So it is important to understand that although technology has improved this industry, it is with how they present themselves with their audience that makes them successful.

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